Finding Aids

 Code  Group (Fonds)  Dates  Units  Findaid  Database
EDU SWA Administration: Education Branch 1916-1972 1123 1/1/062 FILES
EDUW SWA Administration: Education 1973-1979 0505 1/1/226  
EKW Eingeborenenkommissariat Windhoek
Native Commissioner
1900-1914 0001 1/1/036 FILES
ELFI Digital library (monographs)       NMLARCATOPAC
ELJO Digital journals       NMLARCATOPAC
ELS Education Library Services 1980-1986 0003 1/1/185  
ENT Entschädigungskommission Compensation Commission for damages sustained in the 1904 war. This is only a small remainder, most records were destroyed by the South African administration 1906-1907 0001 1/1/232 FILES
EPA Examination papers 2005-2005 0002    
EPH Ephemera       ATF
EST Estates
Transfer of records 1957 ff. ongoing
1920-1956 1415



EVE Kaiserliche Eisenbahnverwaltung
Railway administration
1897-1915 0377 1/1/020 FILES
EXA Ministry of Education. Directorate National Examinations and Assessment. Examination results Expected to be transferred annually 2007-2007 0002 1/1/231 FILES

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