Research and Publications Overview

The Research and publication section (Reading room) is responsible for providing access to archival government collections and unpublished documentary heritage to support transparency, good governance, education and research by allowing equitable access to those resources

The Reading room plays an essential role in providing access to information, organizing it, and helping users to find the information they need through the use of computerized systems (Database) and manual systems (finding aids).

Users gain access to the holdings of the Archives through finding aids, computer-based searches, and discussions with a reference archivist

It is the role of the research area to interact, facilitate and guide users how to use the computer system and finding aids to search for information. The NAN’s reading room embraces the authority of protection of records and individual privacy through executed relevant legislation according to local and international standards. The research and publication service accommodates user’s reference needs through the reproduction of documents (photocopies, scanning on demand and the access to electronic records)