Finding Aids

 Code  Group (Fonds)  Dates  Units  Findaid  Database
VAAU Village Administration Aus   0013    
VAKO Village Administration Ko√ęs   0002    
VAMA Village Administration Maltah√∂he   0012    
VEEL Cattle loans (Veelenings)   0002    
VKAL Village Administration Kalkfeld   0009    
VKAR Village Administration Kalkrand   0004    
VKE Vermessungsamt Keetmanshoop Surveyor 1902-1914 0014 1/1/021 B FILES
VOL RSA Department of Health and Welfare, SWA Regional office 1969-1979 0035 1/1/143 FILES
VOM Vermessungsamt Omaruru Surveyor 1907-1915 0006 1/1/021 C FILES
VOO SWA Administration: Supplies Branch, B and VV series 1937-1974 0091 1/1/049 FILES
VWI Vermessungsamt Windhoek Surveyor 1898-1915 0017 1/1/021 D FILES

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