Finding Aids

 Code  Group (Fonds)  Dates  Units  Findaid  Database
VAAU Village Administration Aus   0013    
VAKO Village Administration Koës   0002    
VAMA Village Administration Maltahöhe   0012    
VEEL Cattle loans (Veelenings)   0002    
VKAL Village Administration Kalkfeld   0009    
VKAR Village Administration Kalkrand   0004    
VKE Vermessungsamt Keetmanshoop Surveyor 1902-1914 0014 1/1/021 B FILES
VOL RSA Department of Health and Welfare, SWA Regional office 1969-1979 0035 1/1/143 FILES
VOM Vermessungsamt Omaruru Surveyor 1907-1915 0006 1/1/021 C FILES
VOO SWA Administration: Supplies Branch, B and VV series 1937-1974 0091 1/1/049 FILES
VWI Vermessungsamt Windhoek Surveyor 1898-1915 0017 1/1/021 D FILES

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