Records Management Section Overview

As per section 3 (1) (a) of the Archives Act  (Act No. 12 of 1992), the National Archives of Namibia regulates and supervises all records management activities of all institutions in the Namibian public service that are created by an Act of Parliament. Records management include all those activities executed to control and manage the creation/receipt, use, maintenance and disposal of records as evidence of transpired activities, in order to promote efficiency and transparency throughout an organisation.

Therefore, the services offered by this section to all institutions in Namibia include:

  1. Review and approval of file plans to promote transparency of all organisational activities
  2. Review and approval of retention and disposal guidelines to manage the accumulation and preservation of records
  3. Approval for destruction of records by means of disposal authorities to destroy records that are ephemeral.
  4. Records facilities inspections and approval to ensure the preservation and safety of all records
  5. Records procedures training to records managers, registry officers and all records management officials
  6. Records management presentations to top-level management officials in order to promote the standardisation of records management throughout in different organisations
  7. Issue of directive and circulars to promote the effectiveness and efficiency of records management throughout all organisations.
  8. Guide and grant approval of transfer of records from creating organisations to the National Archives of Namibia for preservation of valuable national information.