Oombale Dhi Ihaka exhibition presents an annotated catalogue of Ndonga artefacts in the “Rautanen Collection� at the National Museum of Finland in Helsinki this collection was done by the Finnish missionary Marti Rautanen (known locally as Nakambale), during his stay in Ondonga Kingdom in northern Namibia in the 1880s. This mobile exhibition was done by the Museums Association of Namibia and it showcases the different artefacts that were used by the Aandonga people.

This then is an eye opener to the young people and heritage enthusiasts concerning the Ondonga people. Hence, learning about the past enables us to celebrate a unique cultural identity and understanding better the values of their ancestors. Thus, the exhibition gives an overview of cultural history and local creativity, the history of the different kings and sacred objects from the royal family. This exhibition was set up at the National Archives since the 1st of July 2019. Every member of the public is welcome to view it.

A group of German teachers had a privilege to view the exhibition in Windhoek.  Do you want to know your history, book your visit with us? If you want information on a certain topic, let us know and we will assist you accordingly.

Oombale Dhi Ihaka Exhibition